What do two 1st generation Italian brothers, BBQ, & the world's greatest spaghetti maker have in common? They are all milestones in the wonderful journey of Smokey Jo's! Our story begins in the early 1950's, when brothers Jim & Sam Schrementi opened a bar and kitchen called Jim & Sam's in the old Wood's Hotel building. Their friendliness, quick wit, and dedication to their patrons soon won the hearts of the community.

In the mid 1960's, Sam's interests went north as Jim's went to the south, and, after converting Einhorn's grocery store at Main and Cass into Smokey Jo's, Jim and friends quietly rolled the old bar down Main St. into its new home.

The early nineties brought us even further south to our present location where Smokey Jo's BBQ was added. After Jim's unexpected passing, his wife traded in her spaghetti spoon to become bar keeper. For 23 years, she brought warmth, grace, and the same dedication to her patrons, becoming "mom" to many and friend to even more!

Today, current owner, Vince Schrementi, continues the family tradition of offering a welcoming and friendly environment with the consistent emphasis on delicious meals. Smokey Jo's offers top quality pub food at a reasonable price, in an atmosphere that makes everyone feel like family. Smokey Jo's is the perfect place to bring a group of friends or family for dinner or drinks.

We operate our restaurant with integrity and respect, and we do it in a personal and fun way! So, whether you are enjoying the new patio bar or the old bar, it is our sincere hope to bring you and your family great food and food cheer just as Jim and Betty did for so many years! With their cherished memories in our hearts and an incredibly dedicated team, Smokey Jo's continues to be the place "Where Good Friends Meet!"